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Updated: Aug 3, 2018

A Texan sky was the perfect invitation to layout on the field and stare into the starry night that evening. The contrast between the midnight blue and the bright display of lights is both spectacular and thought provoking. At the same time I reflect on God’s illuminating grace that separates all the shades of grey in our stories. As I gazed into the distance, I fixed my eyes on how the two opposing elements could coexist. When the sunlight disappears, it’s hard to make out that glimmer of hope.

Is God good, when life is bleak? Does he shrink back leaving us to feel distant, disconnected, and anxious? As Christ followers, their are challenges that try to cloud our perspective. The backdrop of guilt, shame, failure, sickness, or financial hardship keeps us from seeing the hope that’s within our reach. Maybe God seems absent in your personal pain, in my misunderstanding, or in your suffering and you feel you’re standing alone in the midst of despair. As nightfall draws near, the insecurities whisper the worst. Where we choose to fix our gaze, will determine how we respond in moments of difficulty.

Is God good only when life is good? In my microscopic world, life seems best when I am loved, protected, and justified. Yet in the darkest hour he is also a present help in times of trouble (Psalm 46:1). The invitation to trust God normally comes at a time when we are searching in the dark. God’s awe-inspiring glory washes over the thick walls of our hurting heart and makes it’s way in to the soul. Faith allows us to see what our hearts can not ignore, that he is there all along. Midnight has come but its not hard for God to find you in the deepest darkness. I believe God wants to light up the sky with glory as he displays his amazing grace in our lives.

HOW ARE YOU SEEING GOD SHOW UP IN YOUR DARKNESS? For further encouragement read – 2 Corinthians 4:6-9

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