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I am raising a blended family, both black and white. How do I shape their hearts through this present-day conflict? Consider my black son, who will have to overcome racial pressures or my white daughter who is undeniably affected to her core and refuses to be a silent bystander. Our youngest daughter, a developing black leader whose influence will be challenged and finally my oldest daughter who is recently out of our home and deciding how to use her privileges to bring lasting change for those who are vulnerable. Should I let them figure out their reality? How will they be required to respond to this injustice?

I have a responsibility with my son and daughters' lives because it matters, George Floyd's life matters, black lives matter, and can I even say Derek Chauvin's life matters. Many of us did not know George or Derek until the moment that Chauvin pinned his knee on Floyd's neck. Along with knowing the three officers who were present but passive as George lost his life. 

Those last eight minutes mattered most to George. This not just about depicting someone as a hero, it is about the character of those of us who have seen this crime. It still sparks outrage across our globe because racism is real even if you are not directly experiencing its bitter taste.  

Our skin's shades will not keep us from experiencing racial tension, whether we are brown, black, or white. Some people argue this is just a crime that perhaps it's not always racism. What they claim is the ability for each of us to look beyond the surface so as not to shift the blame on groups of people. At the heart of the problem, we see many layers, some of which are: exclusiveness, ignorance, abuse, lawlessness, and hate. The truth is that the evil we confront is sinful even beyond racism, and yet the power of racism has grown fiercer the longer it continues to be tolerated. Racism poisons those who remain unaccountable, it chokes out the life of the vulnerable, and it paralyzes each person who continues to live indifferently.

Collectively we say that this is UNACCEPTABLE! It should have no place in our country, our communities, or our lives. People are suffering; people are crying out, are speaking up, and are also protesting, which is all-important. But many people are distracted by only doing what is widespread, and like any fad, it will die. What we need to see is how we can actively participate in bringing lasting change. Your conversation should cause you to rise by praying, voting, and helping. Don't bother saying stuff because it's trendy but look into your own heart and in the surrounding community because there are plenty of lives, especially black lives that need your service. Never forget that God partners with you to leave his imprint on loving others.

 "But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream! Amos 5:24 (NIV)

Today do a bit of inventory. 

I ask that you make room in your heart to respond and to live presently engaged in serving and loving people.  For further inspiration Read: Matthew 25:34 - 40

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