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Showing up in the Storm

Life has storms. Should we just plan to survive?

Noah prepared for it, Jonah ran from it, and Jesus spoke to it!

Not all storms are predictable or unavoidable, but they can cause us to lose confidence. Depending on the magnitude, they can bring out overwhelming uncertainty and anxiety. Quickly, a storm can go from category one to category five. Afraid, anxious, exhausted, and uncertain, we fight to get through it. We cry out to God as we cry out for our loved ones. Restless but not drowning, we ride the waves, reminding ourselves the storm won’t last much longer.

I received a text late evening requesting prayer due to an impending storm hitting the west coast. I envision those needing prayer just holding on in the turbulence. Gladly, I join with others to earnestly pray for a favorable outcome. I hope God will keep them safe and get them to dry land.

Jesus and his disciples spent their day at sea when, suddenly, an unexpected storm showed up as big as their emotions. The transition in clouds caused a shift in their desperate hearts. What started as a lake adventure quickly became a moment of panic. Their dependence on the master revealed that they were never meant to get through this journey alone. When the master speaks, the chaos is quiet.

The storm has a way of clarifying what matters most to us. What if our trouble and suffering were not just about our need to survive but about something more? The I Am does show up to show us how much he cares. The storm shows us our self-reliance, our fears, and our disappointments. When it does come, what if it can reveal something far greater? Right there, in the middle of the storm, there is God.

The disciples experienced peace in their storm.

Noah and his family were sheltered by grace in their storm.

Jonah discovered God’s plan in his storm.

Psalm 107:28-30 (AMP)

Then they cried out to the Lord out of their trouble; he brought them out of their distress. He hushed the storm to a gentle whisper so that the waves of the sea were stilled. Then, they were glad because of the calm, and he guided them to their desired haven ( harbor).

The storm may be approaching, but he is present. Can he bring us to a peaceful place while giving us grace for his plan? God wants to show us that he is right in the middle of our storm.

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