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Updated: Aug 3, 2018

Many of us enter this year with the hope that God will answers some of our hearts greatest desires, promises, goals, and wishes that we crave. We are confident that if the possibility could come to pass, our lives will be enriched. May this be the year of positive change that allows us to be free because that person who is so hard to deal with is finally changing for the good. Let this be the year that a special loved one takes notice and captures our yearning heart. Let this be the year of financial abundance so that we can generously give to the areas we are so passionate about. All these desires are longings that we are certainly wishing to obtain, and whether they manifest in this year, we do not know. We may only hope so.

Hope is wrapped up in the idea that God is doing something better for us than our best possible thought. It is not wishful thinking, but confident expectation found in the heart. Yes, we trust that God can actually pull it off in our everyday lives. Our soul surrenders and waits on how he will bring his plan to pass. We patiently remind ourselves as we sit on the edge of our circumstances to lean forward and believe.

For so many of us we are still waiting for God to do everything he can to make our list become a tangible reality. Think about that sweet, romantic couple so ready to get married, they are hoping that the other partner will also continue to rise up and meet their expectations. What happens when they don’t, and disappointment makes its way to the heart? We eagerly hope, but the concern of being terribly let down is daunting. Disappointment is the universal experience of every human being. Lost hope leaves us questioning if something will ever change, if so, then when? Have you ever judged God’s faithfulness on the things you have set your heart on? The truth is that sometimes those aren’t even the things he has promised you. We should simply understand, that we anchor our hope into someone, not something like our inconsistent circumstances or wish list.

I can’t help but speak out on the many ways Christ wants to invade our lives with hope. There is a radical hope that does not disappoint! Grammatically, hope can be used as both a verb and as a noun. There is an assurance that is found in someone that can fulfill something so life giving in us. God offers us eternal hope that is fixed and secure regardless of a person or a circumstance. When it comes to living with hope in a world that is broken, we must anchor our confident expectations to Christ who can motivate us even through some of our greatest challenges.

WHAT ARE YOU HOPING GOD WILL DO IN THIS SEASON OF YOUR LIFE? For further encouragement read Isaiah 40:12 - 31

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