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Updated: Aug 3, 2018

I was never professionally trained for battle, but I know I can get large to protect what is valuable in my life. Think about what you have been designed to do on this side of eternity? In every season God lays out a plan to fulfill his extraordinary purpose in us. That plan can look a little different than we imagined. I find that many times I look at life in the natural and think, “OK, what is the best way to successfully get after the things I am supposed to be doing in this season? Seriously how does this look in my daily schedule or my rollover to do list?” It gets a little complicated when I desire to follow that mission without setting aside any of the unfinished work that I am currently working on. Managing and being productive can be filled with a lot of busy work that has us burning calories on a treadmill, but going nowhere. You may already be using a tremendous amount of energy to get things done. Just stop and evaluate if life looks exactly the same, when you wake up the next day? Although you are called to be steadfast even in the mundane things, it is perfectly good to gage if you are being driven to just stay busy because you are still waiting on clarity. Are you really getting after what God desires in this moment? God’s intentions are to walk with him in a purposeful way that has already been prepared ahead of time. In other words, God has a well thought out plan that he is rolling out the red carpet for (read Ephesians 2:10).

It may be a call to let go of something that pulls you from what matters most. I can remember feeling like it was important for me to have authentic sisters that would walk in friendship, but I never made any time to embrace that on my schedule. I often managed to spend time with God, but I never invested taking time to draw close to women that would refresh my soul. I just promised myself when life wasn’t so full then maybe I could schedule that in. I even thought it would organically grow as I was taking care of other business. Ironically, that area was not growing because I never took time to cultivate it. Looking back I found this to be a worthwhile investment, but I was not executing the necessary actions. You may feel strong enough to just keep going without embracing God’s well thought out plan. Realize that you may not be making any room for that dynamic, because it would force you to let go of the many other things you skillfully juggle.

Isaiah 52:1,2 talks about the people of God who found themselves in a funky predicament. Their current circumstances did not reflect God’s design. He tells them to shift their position so that their condition will improve. This plan is not what he had in mind. He gives them a few actions words that would lead them, but ultimately, he says, “free yourself from the chains on your neck”. The decision to embrace their purpose, was ultimately in their power to do. If you think that it will not take a willful decision to let go of somethings so that you can embrace God’s ultimate plan, then think again. You play an active part in the initial design God has for you. Protecting God’s purpose in each season means that you and I do what matters most in the big picture. I finally decided to make more room! I am sure that God’s design involves running with others that are authentically pursuing God too. Life is full but I am making time to do things that embrace God’s plan in each season.

WHAT SPECIFIC AREA SHOULD I DEDICATE MORE OF MY FOCUS? For further encouragement read – Psalm 25:4,5

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